Fleet Hunt provides real time fleet tracking and fleet management solutions to existing business problems. Using GPS technology with cellular/satellite networks.

This is a unique platform we are offering to restaurants where they can receive online orders from their menu, promote specials and retain customers.

The Fleet Hunt School software is a huge stride into modern day 21st century education where communication barriers are removed between parents, teachers, administration and students.

The Taxi Dispatch software is a smart program where individuals can use their smartphone to request a shuttle/taxi and track it until it arrives to their location.

Our retail platforms can be tailored specifically to the requirements of each business wanting to promote and sell products online.
These platforms are ..

Fleet Hunt has continuously expanded on its platforms and will continue to do so each day. We are capable of creating any software platform one can think of.

Partner up

FHT is a fast growing business expanding to all parts of the globe, this expansion has been aided by partnerships we have created with ambitious and success driven individuals.
We offer partnerships on a Worldwide scale providing individuals the opportunity to earn a passive income through their network or offering additional services to their existing business models.


We offer two main kinds of partnership:


Sub-contracting: if an individual would like to distribute or offer our services to their own market under Fleet Hunt Technologies we will provide them with all the required material to do so (hardware and software)


White label servicing: When a business owner/individual wants to use our services under their own brand. We will customize any of our existing platforms to suit their specific requirements. We are able to offer our services to any Country in the World at a minimal start up cost with a 24 hour technical team that is readily available to offer support to our partners

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