Fleet Hunt provides real time fleet tracking and fleet management solutions to existing business problems. Using GPS technology with cellular/satellite networks.

This is a unique platform we are offering to restaurants where they can receive online orders from their menu, promote specials and retain customers.

The Fleet Hunt School software is a huge stride into modern day 21st century education where communication barriers are removed between parents, teachers, administration and students.

The Taxi Dispatch software is a smart program where individuals can use their smartphone to request a shuttle/taxi and track it until it arrives to their location.

Our retail platforms can be tailored specifically to the requirements of each business wanting to promote and sell products online.
These platforms are ..

Fleet Hunt has continuously expanded on its platforms and will continue to do so each day. We are capable of creating any software platform one can think of.

About us

Fleet Hunt is a GPS software company founded in 2018, after 2 years of development and field research on business concerns in managing vehicle inventory. We designed our program entirely to cater to these problems and help businesses reduce overall costs in managing their fleet.

This is done by offering an advanced GPS monitoring software that enables a vehicle operator to track their assets live, GEO fence, monitor speed, acceleration, run diagnostics, manage cabin temperature and much more . A mobile application for Fleet Hunt is available on IOS and Android with an attractive user interface which is simplistic to use yet providing them with transparent sophisticated vehicle data.

How Does Our GPS program Work
A wired device or OBD device is installed into a vehicle under a service provider, this device is responsible for collecting all of the relevant vehicle data to be displayed on a panel or smartphone.

How GPS Tracking Improves Business Productivity
Our services are applicable to many vehicles types such as trucks, vans, vehicles, freight boats, trailers, refers and almost mobile asset on can think of, regardless of where they are. FHT GPS tracking software can be used to the requirements of each individual operator. If you need undercover GPS tracking, for per say private investigative use ,in such a case, you need a concealable tracker that can be mounted cautiously and unrecognizable. Our GPS tracking systems come insured, with the guarantee of a completely tried and tested product. This enables you to start monitoring your your fleet right away.

What makes us different from our competitors:
Our main competitors have been in the industry since 2004 and each in the millions when considering their revenue. We have strategically placed ourselves in this market in a position where we are offering real person to person interaction, the lowest rates in Canada.
FHT offers a Link Share feature which (NONE of our competitors have this feature). This is a special function where shippers can provide a temporary link to receives enabling them to track orders on their smartphone, once goods have been delivered the link expires and the receiver can no longer track the carrier.
Our team is in the process of developing surveillance monitoring systems and a 2 way smart chat function which allows operators do directly communicate with drivers and vice verse. This alone will make it difficult for any competitor to stand against our product, especially with our affordable rates. We also ensure that our customers do not have to interact with automated systems but with real representatives that have a primary goal of providing none other that satisfactory customer service.

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