Live Tracking

Track your investment anytime, anywhere! This feature gives you the ability to accurately check your asset`s live status with an exact location and vehicle activity.

Geo Fencing

This gives an operator the ability to create a map boundary. This will enable the operator to receive a notification every time a set boundary has been crossed.

History Playback

The ability to reflect on the past in order to create a more effective strategy for the future is a major factor to any business or individual in maximizing productivity

Route Navigation

Enter in a location and let our navigation feature take you to your destination. We provide a simple to use, user friendly interface with advanced mapping technology.

Notification Alerts

Application alerts play a major role towards contributing to an effortless client experience, you have the ability you select what notifications you would like to receive on your vehicle`s status.


This feature provides you with a detailed account of your assets based on a time frame of your choice,  you can monitor the status of your vehicle all the time.

Fuel Monitoring

The high cost of fuel always has major impact on operating expense of any business. Fleet owners are always looking for technologies which can help them and ways to cut costs

Vehicle Immobilization

This function will enable an operator to immobilize their vehicle by requesting to do so on their smart phone. An operator can do so by simply sending an SMS to the device

Diagnostic maintenance

This feature will inform an operator if there is an impending issue on a vehicle, for example when a vehicle engine light goes on, an engine light icon will appear on the operators smartphone, along with a message on the identified issue.

Temperature monitoring sensor

For trucking companies that haul temperature sensitive goods, this feature enables an operator to monitor and maintain an optimum temperature for goods in transit.

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